The works in the series Reverential Memory of Green bundle started from my mothers precious, but worthless, little cloth wrappers. The cloths bundles are private objects which are packed with the life-long experiences and memories of her life. In my childhood, my family moved quite often. At that time she made many packages with these cloths all the time. These cloths keep the full vestiges of my familys dear lives. They are my familys layered historical possessions. She looked at the devotion layered in the packing cloths and has kept it in her heart for her entire life. Even now the practice is being repeated and I focus on the time and memories accumulated in the objects in this love-hate relationship. These packing cloths hold embraces, mysterious, mournful, secret, and history. As I unpack them one by one, I trace and share her life.??? .


Memory of Time Plate is a series of photographic works of animal bones found from his travels to somewhere remote. Inspired by archaeologists and anatomists, the neatly arranged bones are rearranged according to the artists very own imagination and inspiration, casting questions about someones story that remains a mystery. They whisper to us that its not only just us that have changed, but also our environment and way of life, and that the everyday life today is completely different from that of the past. Although there may be people today who live a slower life without internet or smart phone, they are also more susceptible to being cast aside and isolated from the society. Memory of Time Plate proposes a counterattack on the divided ego and contradictions of today, and asks for a reflection on our civilization. It also declares that time does not expire, but is accumulated and disseminated by objects. Although the ways in which Lee grants meaning and applies the objects from his travels are completely subjective, there is plenty of room for connection for the viewer, because not only is it connected to someones life somewhere, but because it also asks us for our own self-introspection.